Final Fantasy IV "Ah, The Power of Cheese" can be considered a walkthrough for the 1991 Super Nintendo American release of Final Fantasy IV, titled at the time "Final Fantasy II." Unlike most walkthroughs, however, "Ah, The Power of Cheese" does not focus on how best to go about beating the game, boss strategies, item collecting, etc. Instead, this particular walkthrough focuses on the usually unintended humor of the game. I hope you all find Final Fantasy IV as funny as I do.

I wouldn't have taken the time to make any of this if I didn't absolutely love Final Fantasy IV. If you think that I made this to bash the game then you're horribly mistaken and probably need to lighten up. I'm sure you'll realize that it's all in good fun after reading a few episodes.

As for legal matters, I'm only making these for my own and hopefully others amusement. If, after viewing the pages contained herein, you think that "Ah, The Power of Cheese" is, in some way, affiliated with Square then you're crazy, and I don't want to hear about it.

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