Episode IV

With the legendary pink tail in hand, it's time for one final trip to Earth. Round up your old vehicles, you'll be needing them one last time.

Now I wouldn't say this is the most convenient or intelligent place to live in the world, which is why it's perfectly suitable for a couple of miniature freaks who enjoy collecting severed animal tails.

...and apparently they also take pleasure in naming their dwellings stupid backwards "ruin-the-surprise" style names.

Well that's convenient...

I wonder what kind of ore it could be!?

Yeah, he can be a real pain in the ass.

Even rats know better than to live in a small dumb cave on a small dumb island.

Anyway, now comes the good stuff!

Congratulations! You now are in possession of the most rare and powerful piece of armor in Final Fantasy IV. At this point, it is safe to consider yourself unstoppable.

Well... almost unstoppable.

Finally, back down to the underworld!

Ah, the home of Kokkol, the world's greatest blacksmith!


Kokkol is also the world's greatest and clear-speaking sleeptalker.

This is the eqivilent of getting upset and crying "I can't even find ten-million dollars laying in the street!"

I guess he didn't ask the small dumb guys.

So that's why I couldn't trash that awful Legend sword.

This! The Excalibur!

And on that note, the time has come for the final showdown. Well, after a trip back to the moon and another 7 hour lightshow, anyway.

Make your way back down toward the Moon Core. You should have a much easier time with your new suit of armor and extra levels. When you feel you're ready, save your game and proceed to the final area.

For the first couple screens here you'll face the hardest groups of random encounters in the game, including double sets of Behemoths and Dragons. You know you've reached the last screen when you start facing Mind and Breath for every encounter.

Mind can be troublesome, as he is constantly confusing multiple members of your party, it's probably best just to run from him.

Hmm, Breath likes to use scan... A lot.


Little known fact, "W." actually stands for "[W]e are secretly lovers."

And the power of love prevails!

Oh, I hope you weren't terribly psyched to fight Zemus.


(Awkward moment alert!)