Episode II
Cid is da bomb

Golbez may not put his words together in a clear or coherent manner, but since the lights have dimmed we can safely assume that this is a threat. Better think of something fast!


Well, that was convenient, unfortunately the Red Wings are after you in hot pursuit and catching up fast! With everything on the line, Cid decides to sacrifice his life so that you can make a safe escape.

Yang somehow stopped a supercannon by locking himself in the room with it, and Cid rebuilds a mountain by jumping out of an airship and blowing himself to pieces... right

Never said it had to make sense, but it's damn funny to watch.

And it assures us a sweet new ride in the near future.

Sorry Kain, I'm sure if Cid knew you were so concerned he would have killed himself in a much safer way.

Did he give that order before or after he fell to his exploding death?

I have no idea what the hell that means.


Yang and Cid...


Again, your new vehicle capability only allows you to go to one new area in the entire world. That must be the next destination.

And what a way to start it off.

This is probably the least interesting "town" in the whole of Final Fantasy IV, if you even have the nerve to call it a town.

Even the Namingway in this place gets on my nerves. If I were you, I would hurry on as soon as you possibly can.

There is much better things to experience in the cave following anyway, for instance:

I guess it wasn't the monsters who brought this one down.

After a few battles and other soldiers who felt the wrath of the temperamental prince, it's finally time to meet him.

And boy oh boy does he suck


Aww, cheer up there Rydia, we have awesome vehicles to compensate for all of them! That hook was more useful than Cid ever was.

Heal up Edge and start heading up the Tower of Bab-il... Again.

Poor kid... I don't know if it's worse that his parents have been turned into horrible beasts or that they improperly use "the" in their threats against him.

Can't say I blame him for being so angry, although I'm not sure I'd ever make that noise.

But wait... There is something Rubicant doesn't know about Edge. When in a rage, he gains unspeakable powers!

And it does erm... -376 damage...

No matter, the members of your team who are actually worth the space in your party will take Rubicant out without a problem.

Don't worry Edge, your father's death was not in vain...

(Two handsome princes as permanent characters, good lord)