Episode V

Well, normally Rosa would deserve a "thanks!" and "good job!" but since half of the game has been saving her from the stupid situations she manages to get herself into, it's not necessary.

Well, if you've been waiting for some of questions that the game has opened up to be answered, the next scene will, at the very least, confuse you into thinking you just got some those answers.

Basically what Cid is trying to say tell you is that you need to drop a key made out of solidified magma down a bottomless well in order to open the way to the underworld.

In Cid's logic 'so to speak' we can also assume that his earlier outburst of "Wooow!" probably meant something along the lines of "There is a dog in my coffee"

You've got your path set out for you, since there is only one bottomless well in the world, however, if I were you I would spend some time around the town. You can start at the bookshelves in the observatory:

It is sounding like very insight!

Okay, just one more stop, do yourself a favor and talk to... him:

Um, no comment.

Drop the key in the well already!


Something tells me that dropping the key down the well would not result in this outcome but what the hell, right? Let's enter.

Just two seconds after you've entered the underworld you'll already encounter your first chunk of trouble.

Unfortunately, the Enterprise doesn't hold out, not even through improperly exclaimed bursts of shouting. But not to worry, Cecil has a genius solution to the predicament.


In case you were wondering...

Before going to meet King Giott, collect the following classic textbox on the left wing of the castle:

OH! And just when you thought my logic was failing!

I love being right.

Anyway, Giott turns out to be a very fine dwarf. Friendly and helpful, I wonder if he's got an ogrish one?

All is well until *gasp* the time when all is not well!


The new and improved Yang with super extra-sensory powers! Now capable of feeling the act of someone listening in on your conversation. Take advantage of Yangs amazing power and head for the crystal room to face the eavesdroppers!

I'm not sure which form is freakier...

Regardless, now that you have Rosa's healing power restoring your team every turn Calbrena will go down in no time. Unfortunately, the trouble is far from over...

Oh yeah and that too...


Oh no! Hold gas!

Golbez doesn't like to play fair and now you're totally defenseless to him! Why didn't he use this unstoppable move every other time you've come into contact with him? Could it be that he, himself realizes what an embarassingly dumb name it has?

Golbez calls upon his evil shadow dragon and sadistically watches as it devours your helpless party one by one... Just when all hope seems to be lost-

Rydia saves the day!

Doesn't surprise me that Cecil takes some of the credit for Rydia summoning and killing Golbez single handedly...

It also doesn't surprise me that the first thing he tries to do afterward is use a "yo mama" joke on Rydia:

Rydia has truly grown, she is finally able to stand up to Cecil's relentless torment.

With Rydia back, the crystal safe, and Golbez defeated, it's truly a great day in the world of Final Fantasy IV!



(Get well Shelley!)