Episode IV
"Another one bites the dust"

Great indeed. Now that you've retrieved the Earth Crystal from Dark Elf you have everything you need to get Rosa back from the evil clutches of Golbez.

Meet Kain!
the airship!
To make the trade! Great!

Oh no! The entire Red Wings clone crew has been turned into BushHags! If you don't want Rosa to suffer the same fate, you had better do what Kain says.

After ascending into the clouds alongside Kain's airship you'll somehow magically be inside a tower.

Ignore the impossible nature of the situation and press on.

(Cue evil lighting)

Uh oh! It appears Golbez not only has Kain under control but Yuna from Final Fantasy X as well!

The following boss battle can be tough if you don't dispatch the sisters in the following order:

Fat one >> Short one >> Sexually suggestive one

The magus sisters never suspect that you know to kill off the obese one first, thus, they never fail to be surprised when you win the fight.

Hurry on, Golbez is just ahead!



Wait... Golbez was always on the bad guy side, not quite a traitor... Okay ignore that textbox!

Nobody calls Tellah an old man and gets away with it!

Well... at least not without saying GRRR......

Unfortunately this is the end of Tellah, and while you might think that there is some deep symbolic significance or importance in his death, there isn't. You see, you're about to get Kain back on your team and rescue Rosa. This would make 6 members on your team, you get where this is going.

Speaking of rescuing Rosa.

Cozy? Don't you mean SEXY? Two characters in one sprite, now that's what I call hot.

Green lights AND hyphen-delimited syllabled laughter. This can only mean one thing.

A boss in a bikini!

No fears, with Kain back this fat-assed-less-than-half-dressed-horizontal-lightning-bolt-shaped-crack-for-eyes wench hardly poses a threat. But not even Kain's physics defying jump ability can rid you of Cid's reaction to a dangerous situation.

(And you were expecting a vehicle!)